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Behavioural Psychology Creates Dynamic Student Acquisition Results And Happy Students

Student acquisition is not, as some believe, an art but a science. Students buy in certain ways, react to certain triggers and are happy to spend whatever it takes to satisfy certain needs and values they hold dear. Being cognizant of these invisible influencers is a must in today’s education world. So what does behavioural psychology have to do with the student experience? Everything!

Combining practical experience, technology, human psychology and leading thinking in education and business, MySalesSuccess will show you how to communicate with students of different behavioural styles. You’ll learn how to ‘think like your student’ and earn their trust, making it easier for them to make a decision to enrol with you … whether it’s an online course, undergraduate degree, diploma or postgrad degree.

Your Sales Personality

Today you’ll discover your sales personality style; learn how to ‘speed-read’ students by what they say; and develop your behavioural selling skills to achieve your recruitment goals. 

Learn Behavioural Selling
MySalesSuccess  Academy

 By enrolling in the online Academy you will learn the psychology of behavioural selling; how each student’s personality style impacts their buying decisions …and how what you say makes all the difference!

What Students Say:
Students Love Us!

 “I feel really confident about my decision to take this degree.”
“My University Adviser suggested courses that really made sense to me.. thanks so much for all your help!”

Your students have a buy button in their brain. We Can Help You Turn It On

Behavioural selling is the science of personality. It gets below the surface and into the depths of why students - LIKE you, TRUST you, and WANT TO ENROL with you – or why they don’t. Each student has specific behavioural preferences or ‘buy buttons’ on how and why they like to ‘buy’. We have developed a psychometric sales tool and behavioural training principles that can predict and influence non-conscious, emotional triggers. In short, we have the tools that can supercharge your marketing and call centre results.

As more universities move to online learning, there still needs to be human contact. MySalesSuccess gives your team the tools to form great relationships with students; make those who are uncertain or stressed feel relaxed, and put behavioural psychology to work to improve the student experience. Our goal is to quickly and easily explain these drivers of human behaviour while providing tactics that can help you when selling your courses or degrees.


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